you say...

"...half marathon went well - 1 hour 27ish. so well happy. Took it much easier than the week before and it paid off when I started overtaking people in the last 3 miles!" H.F. (Ironman Athlete)

"New PB for 50m freestyle..." H.F. (Ironman Athlete)

"Thanks for your support on the day of the race, its good to have a ref that has an interest in the future of the sport... ...Cheers, and we hope to work with you again" Kudu Bikes

"Thank you for your words of encouragement and helpful tips." B.T. (Triathlete)

"I did well. The run was my best." M.S. (Triathlete)

"I was successful at selection for the RAF... ...thanks for your help in the pool." N.O. (Trainee PT Instructor)

"Following the inspiration of a Red Seagull weekend I have now joined Sheffield (Triathlon) Club." S.T. (Novice Triathlete)


Groupetto at the TDF